Research Inclusion Social Event (RISE)

We meet every month to have proactive discussions of diversity and inclusion issues in Computer Science. All CS grad students, postdocs, and faculty at Princeton are welcomed (and encouraged!) to attend. Join the listserv here.

AY 2021-2022 Meeting Topics

9/30/21: Introductory Meeting and Social

AY 2020-2021 Meeting Topics

9/25/20: Imposter Syndrome
10/28/20: Graduate School Advice and Experiences
11/20/20: Online Games and Social!
12/18/20: Academia during COVID
3/12/21: Picture a Scientist Screening
4/9/21: Emotional Labor and Unconscious Bias
5/14/21: Online Games and Social!

Supporting Faculty:

Barbara Engelhardt, Aarti Gupta, Gillat Kol, Margaret Martonosi, Jennifer Rexford, Olga Russakovsky, Matt Weinberg


AY 2020-2021: Meryem Essaidi and Angelina Wang

AY 2019-2020: Matt Weinberg