Past RISE Meetings

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AY 2021-2022 Meeting Topics

9/30/21: Introductory Meeting and Social
11/10/21: Pre-Application Mentorship Program Training
3/2/22: Social
4/6/22: Social
5/4/22: Social

AY 2020-2021 Meeting Topics

9/25/20: Imposter Syndrome
10/28/20: Graduate School Advice and Experiences
11/20/20: Online Games and Social!
12/18/20: Academia during COVID
3/12/21: Picture a Scientist Screening
4/9/21: Emotional Labor and Unconscious Bias
5/14/21: Online Games and Social!

Supporting Faculty:

Barbara Engelhardt, Aarti Gupta, Gillat Kol, Margaret Martonosi, Jennifer Rexford, Olga Russakovsky, Matt Weinberg


AY 2021-2022: Meryem Essaidi and Angelina Wang

AY 2020-2021: Meryem Essaidi and Angelina Wang

AY 2019-2020: Matt Weinberg